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These times demand increased solar protection. For a business it is all about reducing energy costs and consumption.  An upgraded glass system, taking advantage of today’s advanced film products, provides improved temperature control while significantly reducing your air conditioning costs.  These films also help to protect your office or buildings interiors and occupants with strong UV protection while simultaneously providing added privacy and an enhanced exterior appearance.  From a cooler, more comfortable interior to reducing glare, these films will immediately provide many long term benefits.

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Every person wants to have peace of mind in both their homes and their place of employment.  By installing Security film it will act as an additional protective and invisible shield by offering protection from broken glass  as well as deter intruders who cannot readily penetrate the glass, even by striking it with a heavy object.   Safety & security window films are tested to the same break safe standards required of tempered glass, heat-strengthened glass, and laminated glass giving you an enhanced and effective level of added safety in your business or home.



Providing much more than just good looks and cool comfort, professional film installation applied to your vehicle also provides you with glare rejection and UV protection from the sun’s harmful rays, keeping you and your vehicle’s interior protected from the damage the sun can cause over time.  Here at Baltimore Tint we fully back up our extensive experience and workmanship with our comprehensive lifetime warranty.  We use Johnson Window Film’s Marathon & ceramic InsulatIR lines of universal black shades to give you that close factory match and to provide your vehicle with that perfect appearance and comfort.

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We all enjoy the bright, open feeling of our homes windows, which make it feels warm and comfortable.  Unfortunately, the same brightness of the sun exposes your interior to damaging ultraviolet light and heat.  Additionally, solar heat increases the temperature inside your home causing more AC usage leading to higher electrical costs.  By installing window film you can keep your home more comfortable while reduce up to 99% of harmful UV rays.



Perfect for controlled privacy, decorative or architectural applications any existing window can be converted to privacy glass in a multitude of attractive patterns bringing natural light into homes and offices; creating greater work productivity, as well as the illusion of more space while offering privacy.  Decorative Films are self adhesive and come in different patterns and shades which are easily replaced to update the appearance at a later time. Now you can turn any flat glass surface into a work of art.  Ideally suited for applications that require day or night privacy without sacrificing natural light levels in both commercial and residential applications.

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There are times where you find you may need your window film removed.  In homes, businesses and automobiles this can occur due to damage from elements, vandalism, break-ins, an accident involving a window or just the desire to upgrade the look of your space.  We have made the process for the removal and repair as quick and simple as possible for you.

On top of our professional removal service, we offer discounted prices for any reinstall after the removal process has been completed.


Perfect for retail stores, commercial buildings and prestige homes demanding maximum natural light, exceptional heat rejection and outstanding optical clarity. SunLight 70 won’t break the bank, delivering a faster return-on-investment, for your customers, than similar performing competitive films. SunLight 70 – The clear choice to a more profitable solution.

SunLight 70, a high visible light transmission sun control window film designed to give dealers a competitive edge in this market segment. Rather than target IR rejection over a narrow band, SunLight 70 sports an impressive IR rejection over the entire IR spectrum making it extremely energy efficient.

Aluminum metal construction films which reduce glare and block 99% or more of harmful UV rays.  CST™ scratch resistant hardcoat – long lasting durability, protection and clarity.

Sunset Bronze:  Sputtered metal construction.  Warm, copper shades.

Solar Silver:  Aluminum metal construction.  Modern, highly reflective silver shades.  *Also available in exterior film

DaylightNatural:  Sputtered metal construction.  Neutral color shades.  *Also available in exterior film

ScenicView:  Double metal (aluminum & sputtered) construction with cool shades that provide superior solar control.

NightScape:  Hybrid construction with low interior and exterior reflectivity which allows for optimal day/evening views to the outside.

Nano-Ceramic:  Palisades is made with a sputtered ceramic construction with lighter shades for high infrared ray rejection.

Reflective Colors:  Architectural is a color metallized construction with striking reflective color shades for aesthetic appeal along with the full protection of other films.

Decorative:  Specialty Series offers a selection of decorative applications which will convert clear glass into opaque or frosted pane and increase privacy, protection & style.

Trident:  Protects against broken glass hazards – accidents, forced entry, extreme weather, seismic activity, industrial and bomb blast (7 mil thick films or greater).  Johnson’s Trident protective films are available in a range of thickness sizes; 2 mil., 4 mil., 6 mil. ,7 mil., 8 mil., 11 mil, and 12 mil. depending on the type of protection that is required. Clear films are available as well as shaded solar control options to reduce solar heat and cut down glare.

Defendor:  Protects glass and non porous surfaces from graffiti, etching, and keying vandalisms.  Defender is replaceable and is easy to peel-off and replace which provides cost savings.  It also serves as a protective barrier that holds glass together when breakage occurs and makes forced entry more difficult.

Decorative Films, LLC Manufacturers and Distributes SOLYX® Decorative Privacy Window Films. SOLYX® Films are available in a large variety of textures and designs at a fraction cost of laminated panels, patterned or sand blasted glass.

  • Decorative Window Film
  • Stained Glass Window Film
  • Window Privacy Film
  • Frosted Glass Film
  • 3M Fasara Glass Finishes
  • Static Cling Non-Adhesive Window Films
  • Specialty Window Film
  • Gradient Window Film
  • Safety Window Film
  • Light Diffusing Window Film
  • Rear Projection Window Film
  • Dry Erase Film
  • Architectural Film
  • Exterior Window Film

Marathon:  High performance automotive film with a universal black shade closely matching factory tinted glass while the color/reflectivity is consistent throughout the line.  Constructed with a  fast drying aluminum layer while delivering high heat rejection with a tough and durable neutral black dyed film.  Features an improved polyester polymer base for better adhesive anchoring, stronger durability and increased optical clarity.

InsulatIR:  These films deliver superior heat rejection by targeting the near infrared (NIR) spectral range of solar energy – up to 95%.  InsulatIR uses the latest nano-ceramic technology incorporating microscopic metal oxide particles to absorb high levels of this solar heat for maximum comfort and control. Offered in a full range of VLTs from virtually clear to darker shades.  These films have an appealing low visible light reflectivity and are non-conductive, meaning they are signal friendly for GPS, satellite radio, tire pressure gauges and security systems.

We only use the highest quality films designed for UV protection, heat reduction and glare rejection.   Our films do not just enhance the interior and exterior of your home or business but each film contains a scratch resistant hardcoat and some of the best warranties in the industry.

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