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Why choose window film for your home or business?  With energy costs rising every year it can cause an environmental and financial burden for businesses and consumers.

Window film can increase your buildings insulation and reduce air conditioning consumption as well as reducing lighting costs by rejecting solar heat gain.  In colder climates, window film can retain interior heat, saving heating costs.

Safety and security films aid in protecting your business or home from the natural elements, theft and vandalism.  It can also provide an improvement to occupant comfort and protection from damaging UV.

The installation process is cost effective, quick, and non-disruptive and it does not require existing windows to be replaced.  Furthermore, window film installation contributes credits towards a LEED certification.

As an established family owned and operated business with over 12 years of ownership and 30 years of industry experience, we understand the great benefits and the impact that our installations provide to our clientele.

Competitive Pricing & Lifetime Warranty
Experienced & Professional Installers
Highest Quality Industry Leading Materials

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Take Your Vehicle to the Next Level

Driving can take a heavy toll on your car.  It is impossible to avoid exposure to the sun’s damaging UV rays, flying objects or anything else the road may throw at you. Luckily, film technology gives us a surefire way to protect it.  Paint Protection Film.

Paint Protection Film is made with a clear proprietary, scratch-resistant and virtually self-healing top coat on transparent urethane.  This shield protects your car from harsh elements, especially the “high-risk” areas of your automobile’s paint.

Now available in Stek USAs matte, chrome, color and patterned finishes